School Board announces new appointments

School Board announces new appointments

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T. A. Keating ‘13| Executive Web Editor

More news on this topic will be posted as it becomes available
More news on this topic will be posted as it becomes available

In a 5-0 vote, the Grosse Pointe School Board approved a new administrator and two new music teachers Friday, August 3rd. The new positions are as follows:

• Christopher Pratt- South Choir Director
• Christopher Takis- South and Pierce Band Director
• Debbie Higgins- South assistant principal

M. Jon Dean, Superintendent for Human Resources and Educational Services, praised all three appointees, who were not present at the meeting. Takis and Pratt had both received “very positive feedback from students,” he said.

Due to the ongoing controversy regarding former choir director Ellen Bowen’s firing and subsequent replacement, Dean emphasized that Pratt was the best option for the south choir program.

“(Pratt) has amazing show choir experience and has built an amazing program,” Dean said. Pratt also has a history of putting academics first, he added.

All music department candidates had met and directed the band or choir as a sort of “tryout,” said Emma Hintzen ’13, a choir student.

“They brought out three candidates, then we did some sightreading and sang some songs we already knew,” said Hintzen, who attended the tryout for choir director on Wednesday, August 1st. Each of the three directed for about 15 minutes, she said.

“(Chris Pratt) was very energetic and positve,” Hintzen said.

We will continue to update this story throughout the day as more information develops. These appointments will also be covered in the first day issue of “The Tower.”