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  • 18May

    Closed lunch for some needed but shouldn’t be enforced for all


    artwork by Ellie Zak '14

    artwork by Ellie Zak '14

    Since maintaining academic excellence is of the utmost importance at South, the proposal to take away open campus lunch for students who are receiving failing grades due to incomplete assignments is a suitable way to encourage improvement.

    Having an open campus lunch is a privilege that will no longer be taken for granted, making it necessary to complete the homework, in order to earn the freedom.

    Mandating individuals to makeup missed work during their lunch may seem demanding, but offers a strong incentive to get homework in on time. By decreasing the number of offenders not turning in their work, it will overall diminish our already notably low failing rate.

    Along with raising grades, having a set consequence for those who repetitively miss assignments will put teachers at ease. After confronting the child and parent about the student’s unsatisfactory efforts, the teacher will simply be able to refer them to closed campus lunch insuring completion of work.

    Throughout the school year, the new administration has made several restrictions regarding lunch, and must understand that the closed campus lunch should begin and remain only for those who aren’t doing their work. They should not view this as a gateway strategy to eventually revoke open campus privileges for everyone entirely.

    Instead, this program should transform the freedoms of lunch into a reward, praising students for their sincere efforts and punctuality.

    Although this plan will only affect a small percentage of students, it has the potential to make a significant difference in the classroom. If the program proves successful, it will allow for each class as a whole to engage in discussing or correcting the previous night’s assignment.

    Setting these high standards for our student body and accepting nothing less than their personal best will help each individual adapt the strong work ethic that will carry them into their futures.

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