Canned food drive results exceed expectations

Canned food drive results exceed expectations

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Photo by DAVID HARRIS '12 | Executive Newspaper Editor. The canned food drive results filled multiple rooms on Friday, Jan. 13.

CASEY LIVINGSTON ’14 | Staff writer

In Student Association (S.A) sponsored canned food drive, Scott Brunner’s class pioneered the school to exceed the 4,000 can goal by bringing in 3,610 cans alone. In all, more than 13,000 cans were collected, said SA adviser Laura Distelrath.

“The purpose of the drive was to help feed hungry families this winter,” said senator Aynslie Fritz ’14, adding that the cans went to the Salvation Army.

“I saw it as an opportunity to buy myself food or give to others,” said Luke Hessburg’12.

Hessburg brought in the most cans of any other student, more than 1,600. He said he spent about $200. The reward for his effort was an I-pad.

With the prize being an I-pad, Hessburg added that it didn’t hurt the cause.

“We thought that three cans would be a reasonable number per student,” Distelrath said.  “I was blown away by the results!” 

Photo by DAVID HARRIS '12 | Executive Newspaper Editor. The multitude of cans were stacked after school in the S-building.

In past years, Fritz said the participation has been really low.

As well as winning the I-pad, Hessburg helped his class win the class prize of a pizza or bagel party.

“I was extremely satisfied with the results,” said Brunner, a physics teacher.

Brunner participated in the event by bringing in $20 worth of cans, but he promised nothing to the class, just the incentive it would be cool to win.

“I was so happy to see what our school was able to do to help out the community,” said Distelrath.


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