Dead object makes for an interesting model

Dead object makes for an interesting model

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AVA LUX ’12 | Multi Media Editor

The term model takes on a new meaning for students in art teacher Kit Aro’s Drawing and Painting I classes with the skeleton. Despite its coincidental timing to Halloween, her art students have just completed their first segment of figure drawing.

There was a large interest in taking Figure drawing this year, yet not enough to make up a class, Aro said. Aspirations to study the figure were so great that she wanted to incorporate it into her curriculum.

“If you understand the bones, you’re going to understand the figure better once the flesh is on them,” said Aro.

Blown away by her student’s ability, Aro expects to include several of the drawings in Art Fest.  

“I thought it would be nice because we’d be done just before Halloween,” said Aro, “and it’s always fun to set up a skeleton.”

Here are her best skeleton pieces, just in time for Halloween.


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