Editorial: Administration should be credited for drop in unexcused absences

Editorial: Administration should be credited for drop in unexcused absences

Hard work on the part of Grosse Pointe South students and administration towards the new attendance policy has allowed for a nearly 50 percent drop in unexcused absences this past school year. Students deserve recognition for complying with these rules, as well as the faculty and staff members who enforce it.

In past years, students could cut class up to 14 times without consequence, since the old rules only incorporated punishment after the third unexcused absence in an individual class. Immediate intervention on the part of the administration was the necessary next step to lessen this problem.

These new rules, essentially an hour detention for each unexcused absence and an in-school suspension after three, are a drastic measure but have clearly proven successful thus far. Students should realize that reporting to class is ultimately more beneficial than taking a double lunch; should they overlook these guidelines and accept referrals, they are merely cheating themselves.

Skipping class also means skipping a lesson or assignment—a hefty price considering many teachers do not accept make up work for an unexcused. Better grades are usually reflected in students who don’t skip class.

Although unexcused absences were considered unacceptable in the past, they were often overlooked because of the lax policies. These new consequences clarify the objectives of the administration and outline the importance of attendance.

This policy is the best way to remind students that unexcused absences will not be tolerated since skipping class will result in detention on the first strike. Those who choose not to heed these guidelines will be forced to face the consequences—hopefully for the last time.

To continue this positive attendance trend, students should continue to attend classes. Having students who are passionate about learning and care enough to appear in each of seven classes every day is just another aspect that sets Grosse Pointe South High School above the rest.



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