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Mikey Sullivan ’13 | Photo Editor

After surrendering a two goal lead in the third period, the boys varsity hockey team overcame the De La Salle Pilots in the district semifinal, with an overtime winner from Captain Max Corden ’13, on Wednesday, Feb. 27.

The boy’s defense was stellar through the first two periods giving up no goals and stopping countless scoring opportunities. The defense was backed by equally great offense which was led Will Poplawski ’16 and Ryley Maher ’13, each scoring a goal in regulation. Another outstanding effort was by Shane Sparkman ’13 who tallied two assists.

In the third period, the Pilots made a run netting two goals within the last ten minutes of the game, the second coming with just over one minute left in the game. The second goal tied the game and forced the game into sudden death overtime.

This did not phase the Blue Devils who used the momentum from goalie Andrew Wright’s, numerous saves in overtime to capitalize on the mistakes of the Pilots. After a pass was broken up in the neutral zone, Corden, stole the puck, skated into the offensive zone and scored the game winner with under four minutes left in overtime.

The team will play Rochester Hills Stoney Creek on Saturday, March 2 at Warren De La Salle High School for the district final.

Photos By Margaret Brennan ’13

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Connor Gillooly ’14 | Staff Writer

Battling against North, the girls varsity hockey team pulled out a win late in the third period on Wednesday, Feb. 27.

Taking control early in the first period, Darian Dempsey ’13 scored to put South ahead 1-0. Only three minutes later, South received its first of eight penalties of the night. However, North was subdued by South for the entire first period.

“Darian’s early goal gave us some great momentum,” said Lindsey Makos ’13. “After that, we played a strong first period and our lead gave us some confidence.”

During the second period, the momentum shifted. The penalty box was home to South’s ladies four separate times.

“We weren’t happy with a lot of the calls,” said coach Joe Provenzano. “Whether we like it or not, they were calling it the same both ways.”

North did not fail to take advantage of the 10 minutes of penalty time served by South, and scored twice in the period.  When the second period concluded, South was trailing 2-1.

“We were really chaotic in our own zone and that didn’t allow us to do anything we do,” said Provenzano.

Following an intermission, Ellie Flom ‘15 tied things up at two with 11:41 left in the game.

“Our team came back ready to play,” said Alex Golden ’13. “The intermission gave us time to regain our energy and make a strategy.”

However, the teams penalty issues were not over. Two more trips to box in the heart of the third period left them short-handed once more. However, with the help of a few power-play saves from goalie Anastasia Diamond ’13, the girls defense held strong.

“Defense has been a big part of our game that we’ve been working on,” said Provenzano. “Our strong d-zone coverage has allowed us to get control of our game and allow us to do what we do well which is to attack the other team and have speed through the neutral zone.”

With only 2:28 remaining in the game, Eliza Bourke ‘15 scored the winning goal.

“Eliza stepped up and scored that last goal to give us the lead, it was perfect,” said Makos. “There was not a lot of time left and at that point we knew we just had to play great defense to keep North from scoring.”

The team will play next on March 4th, their competition and the time of play is to be announced.

“Our team is definitely ready,” said Golden. “With the win against North behind us, all we have to focus on is playing well in the playoffs.”

Photos By Connor Gillooly ’14

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Sam Kuhna ’13 | Staff Writer

Following their first round bye, the girls opened up their playoff run with a bang, beating Lakeview 69-31 on Wednesday, Feb. 27.

After Lakeview scored the first basket of the game, the Lady Blue Devils went on a 17-0 run to give them a big lead that was never relinquished.

Coming out after a 20 point halftime lead, the girls played a great third quarter on both sides of the ball outscoring the Huskies by a score of 26-5.

By the midway point in the fourth quarter, the court turned to a JV game with the girls who were brought up for playoffs getting their chance. Elizabeth Rauh ‘16 scored her first varsity basket.

For the second year in a row, the girls will take on the North in the district final, and will look to knock them off for the third time this season. They are on the opposite side of the bracket from Martin Luther King Jr. and Grand Haven the number two and three teams in the state, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The District Championship game will take place at South on Friday, March 1 at 7:30 in the main gym.

Photos By Harrison Krasner ’14

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Emily Mlynarek ’14 | Staff Writer

This Valentine’s Day weekend, yet another addition was made to the endless collection of romantic dramas based on Nicholas Sparks’ novels.  The much-anticipated box office hit, “Safe Haven” is marketed as a romantic drama, but it quickly becomes more of a stalker-thriller under the direction of Lasse Hallstrom.

The movie stars ballroom dancer turned actress, Julianne Hough, and hunky actor Josh Duhamel and as a chick-flick, ‘Safe Haven’ fulfilled the expectations of its female demographic. However, compared to Hallstrom’s first adaption, “The Vow”, another Sparks novel, “Safe Haven” is sub-par.

‘Safe Haven’ begins with Katie (Hough), a young woman, running from the law, but for what reason we are not yet told. As the movie continues, however, constant flashbacks provide more clues into what and who she is hiding from.

Katie takes refuge in Southport, a small North Carolina town, but her reluctance to engage with the friendly, tight-knit, community raises questions about her past which she is unwilling to answer.

The plot line is basic, as (spoiler alert) Alex (Duhamel), a local widower and single father to two adorable children, falls for Katie. Of course, Katie soon lets her guard down and falls in love with Alex, and the newly formed family bonds over cheesy beach vacations and town festivals.

Throughout the movie, Katie is obsessively pursued by crazed Detective Tierney (David Lyons). As any viewer could have predicted, as soon as Katie and Alex have let their guards down and settled into their new life together, Tierney finds Katie’s hiding place and threatens to ruin it all.

Plot twist after plot twist keeps the story alive. “Safe Haven” had the potential to be an interesting movie, but it was filled with too much nonessential fluff. The plot was very melodramatic, especially how Detective Tierney goes about his obsession with Katie. The worst fluff of all was at the end, when the audience learns that one of the characters is actually either a ghost or a figment of Katie’s imagination (this is unclear). The idea of this “ghost” could have been far clearer if it had been presented in the beginning of the movie.

Another pitfall is that, while Hough and Duhamel are stunningly attractive, they lack chemistry on screen. Although the two were supposedly in love, it felt like their intimate moments were cheesy, awkward, and all too often cut short.

Honestly, the most entertaining character to watch was Alex’s adorable four-year-old daughter, Lexie, played by Mimi Kirkland. Kirkland seemed to have more enthusiasm for her role than any of the other actors.

‘Safe Haven’ does have its moments, which makes the romantic drama a tear jerker. Since ‘Safe Haven’ is about a young woman’s escape from the law and young widower’s attempt to love again, it is obviously not the cheeriest movie.

Overall, ‘Safe Haven’ will satisfy cravings for a chick flick, but fails to be anything but forgettable in a world where ‘The Notebook’ and ‘The Vow’ rule the romantic drama genre.


Grade: B-

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Will Boyce ’15 | Staff Writer

The boys hockey team will start the playoffs at 6:30 tonight against De La Salle at City Rink.

Playoffs are single game elimination, the game tonight holds their season’s fate in its hands.

“We’ve got to play well, we’ve had a good year, we’ve had our ups and downs, but its playoffs and we’re ready,” said Head Coach Robert McKillop.

The Blue Devils beat De La Salle earlier in the season, 5-1, and are favored tonight, but that doesn’t mean anything, said Cameron Mogk ’15. 

“The key to victory is to work hard, play smart, hold yourself accountable and get pucks deep,” said McKillop. “Our best players need to be our best players.”

For live updates on the game, follow us on twitter @gpstower.