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Art by Chris Van Allsburg.

HANS BRIEDEN ’13 | Staff Writer


Art by Chris Van Allsburg from "The Mysteries of Harris Burdick".

Getting in the mood for the Halloween spirit, Harry Campion had his 7th hour creative writing students compose short stories and poems. The short stories were based on a picture of a massive glowing pumpkin and a crazed woman getting ready to discover what’s inside. Among the many pieces submitted, The Tower Pulse selected the top three best stories and poems for you to enjoy this Halloween!

Click on each writer’s name to read their work.


  1.   Nick Chatfield ‘12
  2.   Sean Grimes ’12
  3.   Emily O’Sullivan ’12


  1.   Erika Bade ’12
  2.   Michael Roach ’12
  3.   Jade Lun ’12

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AVA LUX ’12 | Multi Media Editor

The term model takes on a new meaning for students in art teacher Kit Aro’s Drawing and Painting I classes with the skeleton. Despite its coincidental timing to Halloween, her art students have just completed their first segment of figure drawing.

There was a large interest in taking Figure drawing this year, yet not enough to make up a class, Aro said. Aspirations to study the figure were so great that she wanted to incorporate it into her curriculum.

“If you understand the bones, you’re going to understand the figure better once the flesh is on them,” said Aro.

Blown away by her student’s ability, Aro expects to include several of the drawings in Art Fest.  

“I thought it would be nice because we’d be done just before Halloween,” said Aro, “and it’s always fun to set up a skeleton.”

Here are her best skeleton pieces, just in time for Halloween.

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This story as decided on by The Tower Pulse staff was the third best written poem for Halloween in Mr. Campion’s 7th hour Creative Writing class.

JADE LUN ’12| Special to The Tower Pulse

“Halloween is Monarch Butterfly”

Arriving once a

Its intricate
design haunts away others

The battling of
its wings is spellbinding to me

excitement and joy

It sips sweet
sugary nectar

The black lines create
spooky designs

I cover my eyes
with my hands

Peek-a-boo I see you!

Consisting of
black and orange colors

Such a
masterpiece to the human eye

Why can’t you be
here all year round?

The festivity
makes me happy

I am in high

Please stay one
more day

But nothing can
stay forever…

And so I go
about my ordinary day






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This story as decided on by The Tower Pulse staff was the second best written poem for Halloween in Mr. Campion’s 7th hour Creative Writing class.

MICHAEL ROACH ’12| Special to The Tower Pulse

“An Ode to Jack Skellington”

The almighty pumpkin king

Strike fear into

The very heart

Of every living thing


Neither living or dead

He stops at nothing

To scare the living heebee-jeebees

Out of every little kid


Devil’s Night is his night

When not even the very wicked

Can flee from the fright

That Jack just only quickens


He rules the dead

He conquers the living

He is the complete and utter pinnacle

Of Halloween night


Jack ain’t fraid of anything

When he jacks Sant’s sleigh

For the undead pumpkin king

Strikes fear in happy holidays

And Santa Claus’ jolly sleigh

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This story as decided on by The Tower Pulse staff was the second best story written for Halloween in Mr. Campion’s 7th hour Creative Writing class.

SEAN GRIMES ’12 | Special to The Tower Pulse

Deep within the forest between the Twin Rivers stand a little town named Ghostly Wake, in that town was a girl named Kate. She was a short girl with short black hair and a mean-spirited personality. Everyone in the town disliked her with a burning passion.  She was spoiled rotten because her father was the mayor and she could get away with just about anything.

 Kate was known for stealing candy from people younger than she was and making fun of everyone. She decided one day that she would mess with old lady Adams by stealing her prize pumpkin and smashing it. 

Old lady Adams wasn’t one that anyone messed with mostly for the fact that there was a rumor around that she was a witch. So Kate came to the gate of old lady Adams’ house and opened the gate and went into her yard.  The yard was full of tall grass and willow trees.  Kate used the shadows of the willow trees to sneak around the back of the house.

There she found the prize-winning pumpkin she came here for and just as she was reaching for it someone yelled “STOP!”  It was old lady Adams she was standing on her back porch swinging her first in the air. 

“You came here to steal my pumpkin then I will have your soul,” said Adams.  Kate started laughing; she had never heard such nonsense before.  She took the pumpkin and ran home. That night the pumpkin started to glow a bright red color.  Kate stared at the pumpkin that was glowing a bright reddish glow.  She picked up the knife that was sitting on the counter next to the pumpkin.  She lowered the knife and the glow grew brighter. 

As she cut into the pumpkin a bright light came out of the pumpkin.  It was death himself come to steal her soul.  He grabbed her by her shirt and dragged her into the pumpkin.