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By: Eric Huebner ’11, Page 1 Editor


Best Horror Movies

10)     “Rosemary’s Baby” – A film about a woman raped and impregnated by Satan. The overriding theme of this movie is the unknown within oneself.

9)     “The Birds” – Widely considered Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece, this film forces one to look at the world differently, and accept one’s own lack of knowledge regarding nature.

8)     “Children of the Corn” (1984)- The first adaption of Stephen King’s famed novel; this features a group of children that murder every adult in their small town and take control.

7)     “28 Days Later” – Shot entirely with handheld cameras, Danny Boyle’s take on the zombie myth is less about a zombie outbreak than about the overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and fear that come with being alone.

6)     “Nosferatu” – Arguably, the first horror movie ever made. It was originally ordered to be burned by Hitler and the other leaders of the Third Reich. Several copies survived and were disseminated. Anyone that really loves horror should give this movie a try.

5)     “Halloween” (1978) – This is the movie that created the “slasher genre”. A true masterpiece.

4)     “The Shining” – Another classic, better known for several iconic lines than for its disturbing nature. A definite must-see.

3)     “Rec” – The Spanish movie, which inspired the recent American film “Quarantine”, is a far creepier take on a group of residents sealed into an apartment building with something not quite human.

2)     “The Omen” (1976) – This movie is the story of the havoc wreaked by the antichrist in the form of a young boy named Damien. The movie doesn’t really show any extreme gore or graphic detail, it only has to make implications to get its disturbing message across.

1)     “The Exorcist” – The story of a twelve year old girl that is possessed by Satan. Although 37 years old, this is still easily the most disturbing film ever made.

Worst Horror Movies

10)     “Jennifer’s Body” – This movie’s only redeeming factor is that it features Megan Fox in revealing clothing. As a film about a cheerleader that kills boys for fun, it’s surprising that the crew could even get a big-name star like Fox to even take part in it.

9)     “Jeepers Creepers” – A completely ridiculous movie that scared me in fifth grade. That is pretty much its only achievement.

8)    ” The Cave” – A movie with a great concept and beginning that fell prey to endless clichés and a terrible ending.

7)     “My Bloody Valentine” – One of the countless slasher films spawned by Halloween. Unfortunately, it isn’t nearly as good.

6)     “Prom Night” – This could be the worst film that I have ever seen in my life. It’s one saving grace is that there are one or two creepy scenes, which prevented it from being considered the worst horror movie.

5)     “Human Centipede” – A film that generally lacks in quality or purpose and just goes for a “gross out” factor.

4)     “The Hills Have Eyes” – This is a horror movie based off of a video game. Ergo, it has no potential to be good. At all.

3)     “The Ruins” – A terrible movie, with terrible acting that was based on a terrible book. See a pattern?

2)     “The Candyman” – A rambling take on a ghost/slasher/black empowerment/urban legend story that really can’t make up its mind about what it wants to be, and consequently, it severly suffers.

1)   “It” – The best horror novel of all time was adapted into the worst horror movie of all time.

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By: Ryan Newa ’12, Staff Writer


Looking to punch their ticket to the Rose Bowl for the first time since 1987, the undefeated Michigan State Spartans will travel to Iowa this Saturday to take on the Hawkeyes.

Iowa, which will be looking to rebound from a 31-30 loss last week to Wisconsin, most likely cannot afford to lose another conference game if it wants to keep its Big Ten Conference Championship hopes alive. Coming into the season with national championship aspirations, Iowa’s chances took a big hit when it lost to Arizona on September 18. With its second loss coming at the hands of Wisconsin last week, the National Championship is out of reach. However, if the Hawkeyes beat the Spartans on Saturday, that puts them in strong position to take the conference crown.

As for Michigan State, well, let’s just say it’s been a special season in East Lansing. Currently sitting at 8-0, the Spartans are off to their best start since 1966, when the team finished 10-0-1. From the famous “Little Giants” fake field goal play to win the Notre Dame game to last week’s thrilling win against Northwestern, the Spartans have been nothing short of entertaining all season. The team will most likely face its stiffest test of the season, however, this Saturday at Iowa’s Kinnick Stadium

Iowa Pass Offense Could Expose Spartan ‘D’

It can be easy to overlook the Hawkeyes’ offense, considering it boasts a bona fide NFL prospect in defensive end Adrian Clayborn. However, perhaps the biggest key to victory for Iowa this Saturday will be the play of its quarterback Ricky Stanzi and his other offensive weapons. Once thought of as a shaky, interception-prone quarterback, Stanzi has turned in a quality campaign so far this season for Iowa. He is also getting help from wide receivers Derrell Johnson-Koulianos and Marvin McNutt, who have 30 and 26 receptions, respectively, according to

“The thing that makes Iowa good the past couple years is they’ve been real good at both the run and pass,” said Adam Decker a linebacker on last year’s Spartan team. “McNutt and (Koulianos) are two good receivers and Iowa always seems to have a good offensive line.” 

It doesn’t help the Spartans that its historically poor secondary is missing one of its key players, senior cornerback Chris L. Rucker. Rucker was arrested in the early hours after the team’s victory over Michigan for driving under the influence. He has been suspended indefinitely, and does not currently appear on the depth chart, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Rucker is considered one of the team’s top defensive players, and his absence will likely mean a lot of playing time for some more inexperienced players. It should be interesting to see how a young Spartans secondary handles a talented Iowa offense.

“To stop Iowa, MSU needs to take away one of those two threats: either the run or the pass,” said Decker. “If (Michigan State) can do that, and make Iowa either an all-passing team or an all-running team, I like our chances.”

MSU Must Get Run Game Going Again

 It has long been known that a good running game is a must for a team that wishes to contend for championships and win big games. While Michigan State has three above-average tailbacks, the run game has cooled off drastically after a very encouraging start to the season. This probably is not the week to expect it to change, considering the strength of Iowa’s defensive line. Last season, when the two teams met at Spartan Stadium, Iowa held Michigan State to a mere 85 rushing yards in what ended up being a 15-13 Hawkeye victory, according to ESPN.

It is critical for Michigan State to commit to the run game because it will take pressure off Cousins. As is the case with most offenses, becoming one-dimensional will doom a team. While Cousins is a very solid signal-caller, he is probably not a guy who is going to throw for 400 yards in a game. A mix of run and pass would be ideal for the Spartans.

“At MSU, when I played it was a power run game, which set up the pass nicely,” said Tony Mandrich a former offensive tackle at Michigan State from 1984-1988 and number two overall pick in the 1988 NFL Draft. “Although, to be able to do both run and pass successfully would be ideal.”

While he may not have a huge impact on the run game, keep an eye out for Iowa safety Tyler Sash, who tied for eighth in the country last year with a total of nine interceptions, according to ESPN.


Despite Michigan State’s lofty ranking in the BCS polls, many people will see it as an upset should the Spartans come out on top on Saturday. Iowa is favored by seven over the Spartans, according to ESPN. A combination of a stingy Iowa defense and an overwhelmed Michigan State offense line, should make it difficult for the Spartans to come away with the victory. The Spartans’ weapons on offense should be enough to keep it close, but in the end, the Hawkeyes avenge last week’s loss with a big home win.

IOWA 28, MSU 21

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 By: Walter Bridgforth ’11, Staff Writer

The school store is selling tickets for the upcoming coming football playoff game this Friday at Detroit Cody High School. A student bus will be taking fans to and from the game which is approximately a half hour away. There will be two buses one with students only and another with just parents. The tickets are five dollars and will cover the entrance fee to the game.  The bus will be parked on Fisher next to the spirit rock, leaving South at exactly 4:45 and leave the game as soon as it’s over.

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Courtesy of IMDb

By: Ted Berkowski ‘12, Staff Writer

Rating: ★★★½☆

“Paranormal Activity 2” might have a pricier budget than the first installment’s $11,000 cost, but at less than $3 million, the second film is again attracting large audiences and a lot of attention, according to the Internet Movie Database. Leading the box-office charts, the horror movie brought in $40.7 million during its opening weekend.

As both a prequel and sequel to the events that occurred in “Paranormal Activity,” this film does a good job of intertwining both storylines. It follows Kristi, the sister of the main character from the first movie, and her family.

The time frame takes place months before any of the events that occurred in the first film. Kristi has just returned home with her newborn child, when what the family believes is a break-in occurs. They install security cameras all over the property and inside the home because of that, and these devices capture the events that follow.

Though the movie begins out slow, in a documentary-style much like the Blair Witch Project (minus the shaky camera shots), it makes up for it when the paranormal activity starts up. From subtle movements in the background, to loud noises and crashes and people being dragged by the spirits, many scare tactics are employed.

Without spoiling anything, the movie goes on to explain how the desperate actions of Kristi and her family lead to the evil spirit moving on to her sister, and how this may come back to hurt them.

Having seen both movies in theatres, the second seemed to scare audiences far more. Screams, as well as fearful side comments, were frequent, and a group of teenagers even left the theatre as the movie picked up. With a dog and baby also subjects of the paranormal activity, the viewer’s emotions are more deeply impacted.

“Paranormal Activity 2” is rated ‘R’ due to language and violence, and has a running time of 91 minutes.     

Recommendation: Rent and watch “Paranormal Activity” before viewing the second film, as there are references back to the first which will add to the movie-goers understanding and enjoyment.